Hybrid Program

The AVC Hybrid Education Program blends in-class and online learning and supplements traditional teaching methods with innovative, technology-based resources. This program was first introduced at the Ohannesian Armenian School in Sharjah, UAE in 2009.


An entire classroom can sign up for any of the courses offered by AVC. Following a consensus between AVC and school administration, the local teacher and AVC online instructor collaborate throughout the course to help students achieve maximum results.


The technical requirements include a computer lab or classroom premises, a personal computer for each student or a projector, and a screen to demonstrate the lesson to the class.

Who Can Apply Schools that wish to introduce innovative and attractive learning methods into their curricula, as well as supplement the program with additional resources. Community leaders wishing to organize Armenian Studies classes for their community members are also welcome to apply.
note School administration and community leaders may apply for additional
information and/or participation by writing to hybrideducation@avc-agbu.org


The hybrid education program has been successfully used in 66 Armenian communities and schools stretching from Latin America to Georgia and from Canada to Russia.

yellow_note AVC holds a license granted by the Ministry of Education and
Science of the Republic of Armenia.


All courses can be customized to meet the needs and schedules of your school and/or community.
Armenian Language
Available in En, Fr, Rus, Sp, Tr, Est. Arm, Wst. Arm

The Department of Armenian Language offers students the opportunity to learn Eastern or Western Arme...

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Armenian Culture
Available in En, Fr, Rus, Sp, Est. Arm, Wst. Arm

The courses at the Culture Department offer students an introduction to certain aspects of Armenian ...

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Armenian History
Available in En, Fr, Rus, Sp, Est. Arm, Wst. Arm

The Armenian History Department provides students with the opportunity to explore the historical pas...

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Available in En, Est. Arm

The AVC online chess course was developed in collaboration with the Armenian Chess Academy, based on...

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Artificial Intelligence
Available in Est. Arm

The course “Artificial Intelligence” is intended for the high school students of Armenia. The course...

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School or community representatives may apply to participate in AVC Teacher Training Program. The aim of the program is to train teachers in the pedagogical and technical aspects of e-learning and to familiarize them with the content of AVC’s online courses. The training equips the teacher with the methodological, theoretical and practical skills required for teaching a hybrid course. 
A certificate is issued to those participants who successfully complete the training program.

schools and communities benefited from the AVC hybrid program


Read what our students and alumni say about their experience with AVC.
Tsovinar Sargsyan Hybrid program instructor, SFedU, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

I love working with AVC, and I use an online language course as a learning option.

The content and methodology of the course fully meet the requirements of different age groups. The various e-learning tools used in the course make the learning even more interesting and accessible.

Halle Butvin Smithsonian Institution, USA

The Vayots Dzor e-book puts a tremendous amount of information at your fingertips – whether historical, cultural or simply practical. The format is user-friendly and immensely accessible. I know that the next time I have free time while working in Armenia, I’ll be using the e-book to navigate my way to explore some of the region’s lesser-known treasures.

Ricardo Torres AVC student, Argentina

I do not have any Armenian roots. I am of Spanish and Italian descent, but I have been to Armenia several times. I am learning Western Armenian. I recommend AVC courses because they are very professional and very well-organized, and it is a very good way to learn Armenian online.

Julien Lecouturier AVC student, France

I think their program is particularly useful for busy people working on a tight schedule, and for those who live far from traditional educational centers, schools, and universities. In addition, their "slow" mode is ideal for working people, who cannot spend too much time on studying every day.

Janice Okoomian AVC student, USA

I am learning Armenian because I want to see the world through a new lens and taste the full Armenian lexicon on my lips.  I know that the words I am speaking are the same ones that my grandparents and great-grandparents used every day, and I imagine myself closer to them now through the sound and meaning of all the words, the phrases, the sentences I am learning.

Joseph Syren AVC student, USA

The Armenian Virtual College has been such a blessing to me, because very few resources exist to learn Armenian. AVC has given me the chance to learn Armenian with the help of a native speaker as a teacher.

Nima Sadat-Tehrani AVC student, Canada

I strongly recommend the Armenian Virtual College (AVC) to anyone interested in this beautiful language. I’ve been learning Armenian at AVC online for about a year and a half now, and I appreciate the high-quality education. A big thank you to my wonderful teachers Marina and Mane!

Aram Shrestinian AVC student, USA

The AVC has been the best way for me to learn Armenian and explore my heritage. Because of these courses, I can now converse with my in-laws in Armenia. Mane and Marina are wonderful instructors and very nice people. I look forward to continuing my studies and using my language skills to help the nation of Armenia.

Eric Grigoryan AVC student, Georgia

AVC creates great opportunities for every Armenian to learn our language and culture. Now I can proudly say that I’m Armenian because I can read, write, and speak in my mother tongue.

Mike Cunningham AVC e-learner, USA

AGBU AVC changed the course of my life in so many ways. If you are looking to learn, if you want to come across the best teachers in the world, then look no further than the AGBU Armenian Virtual College. You will be very glad that you did.

Violette Khachaturian Principal, Ararat school, Toronto, Canada

I absolutely love your successful program. First of all, it is very convenient and user-friendly. The pictures and exercises are very attractive and interesting for kids. The dialogues and vocabulary really help the children to learn and spell, which results in a noticeably stronger ability to speak Armenian. The teachers, children, and I are very happy with AVC.

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