Core Armenian subjects in a variety of languages on your terms

8 or 16 weeks, or asynchronous self-study:

How to enroll - watch a step-by-step video.

Note: Under AVC policy students are eligible to take one course from each department. 

AVC offers online learning opportunities to anyone interested in pursuing Armenian Education, regardless of their age, country of residence, or prior knowledge level. There are no prior requirements for eligibility. Our courses are offered in seven languages of instruction. They are designed to accommodate the students' busy schedules and are 100% online with maximum flexibility.

1 Learn easily with our interactive online lessons
2 Test your knowledge with weekly quizzes and assignments
3 Practice what you’ve learned with your online instructor
4 Connect with your virtual classmates
5 Take part in online events and social activities
6 Advance your knowledge with e-books and other AVC learning tools

How It Works

  • Select a course
  • Complete Enrollment

Orientation week
  • Meet your online instructor
  • Receive the course guidelines, requirements and schedules
Course activities
  • Learn easily with our interactive online lessons
  • Test your knowledge with weekly quizzes and assignments
  • Practice what you’ve learned with your online instructor
  • Connect with your virtual classmates
  • Take part in forum discussions, online events and virtual tours
  • Advance your knowledge with e-books and other AVC learning tools

Upon completion of your studies:

  • Get lifetime access to all your courses
  • Stay connected to the global community of AVC students and alumni
yellow_note AVC holds a license granted by the Ministry of Education and
Science of the Republic of Armenia.

Student Types

Choose the type that best suits your educational needs and time availability.

At AVC you can earn a diploma, a certificate, college credits or simply audit a course. You may register for a study term or choose our Asynchronous Self-Study Program to enjoy the online learning privileges at a flexible mode. Depending on your time schedule, you may also select an 8- or 16-weeks study mode. Students enrolled in a slow-mode 16-weeks program have to complete the same course in two academic terms instead of one. 

Synchronous Learning

   Regular students for credit 

The students receive five credits per course. They are required to meet deadlines for assignments, take quizzes, participate in online discussion forums and chats, individual and group activities and projects, and take a (midterm and) final exam. 


Auditors are not entitled to credits. They are expected to maintain the same schedules as regular students and actively participate in on-line discussion forums, sessions with their online instructor and other individual or collaborative activities. They are not required to submit assignments and take examinations. Auditors will get a pass/fail grade, depending on the participation requirements of a specific course. They can also select between two levels of interest, moderate or high, depending on the amount of time and commitment they wish to invest into their studies. 

Term Calendar 

Winter 2025December 6 (Friday) - December 22 (Sunday) 2024January 6 (Monday) - March 11 (Tuesday)
Spring 2025March 7 (Friday) – March 23 (Sunday)April 7 (Monday) – June 10 (Tuesday)
Summer 2025June 6 (Friday) – June 22 (Sunday)July 7 (Monday) – September 9 (Tuesday)
Fall 2025September 5 (Friday) - September 21 (Sunday)October 6 (Monday) – December 9 (Tuesday)

Asynchronous Self-Study Program

The Asynchronous Self-Study Program (ASSP) has been designed for those who want to enjoy all the learning privileges of an online program in a flexible mode. The enrollment for ASSP courses is open at all times, on a rolling basis. A course should be completed in no longer than 16 weeks. The ASSP courses are open for both credit and non-credit offerings.  To receive credits an ASSP student must take midterm and final exams whenever he/she is ready to do so, but no later than by the end of week 16. 

Due to their individual schedule of studies, ASSP students will not be able to participate in collaborative coursework and group projects with virtual classmates. However, they can interact with other ASSP students via online forum and participate in social events and virtual tours organized for the regular program students. 

Note: Under AVC policy students are eligible to take one course from each department. 

See also Program offerings.

Regular student for credit
A student will receive
5 credits for each course
8 weeks | 1 term
16 weeks | 2 terms
What's included
Schedule of reading
Weekly quizzes
Group projects
Time flexibility
A student will receive
Pass or fail grade
8 weeks | 1 term
16 weeks | 2 terms
What's included
Schedule of reading
Weekly quizzes
Group projects
Time flexibility
Asynchronous Self-Study Program (ASSP)
A student will receive
Pass or fail grade
5 credits for each course
8 lesson which not exceed 16 weeks
What's included
Schedule of reading
Weekly quizzes
Group projects
Time flexibility

students have already experienced the benefits of studying at AVC


Read what our students and alumni say about their experience with AVC.
Tsovinar Sargsyan Hybrid program instructor, SFedU, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

I love working with AVC, and I use an online language course as a learning option.

The content and methodology of the course fully meet the requirements of different age groups. The various e-learning tools used in the course make the learning even more interesting and accessible.

Halle Butvin Smithsonian Institution, USA

The Vayots Dzor e-book puts a tremendous amount of information at your fingertips – whether historical, cultural or simply practical. The format is user-friendly and immensely accessible. I know that the next time I have free time while working in Armenia, I’ll be using the e-book to navigate my way to explore some of the region’s lesser-known treasures.

Ricardo Torres AVC student, Argentina

I do not have any Armenian roots. I am of Spanish and Italian descent, but I have been to Armenia several times. I am learning Western Armenian. I recommend AVC courses because they are very professional and very well-organized, and it is a very good way to learn Armenian online.

Julien Lecouturier AVC student, France

I think their program is particularly useful for busy people working on a tight schedule, and for those who live far from traditional educational centers, schools, and universities. In addition, their "slow" mode is ideal for working people, who cannot spend too much time on studying every day.

Janice Okoomian AVC student, USA

I am learning Armenian because I want to see the world through a new lens and taste the full Armenian lexicon on my lips.  I know that the words I am speaking are the same ones that my grandparents and great-grandparents used every day, and I imagine myself closer to them now through the sound and meaning of all the words, the phrases, the sentences I am learning.

Joseph Syren AVC student, USA

The Armenian Virtual College has been such a blessing to me, because very few resources exist to learn Armenian. AVC has given me the chance to learn Armenian with the help of a native speaker as a teacher.

Nima Sadat-Tehrani AVC student, Canada

I strongly recommend the Armenian Virtual College (AVC) to anyone interested in this beautiful language. I’ve been learning Armenian at AVC online for about a year and a half now, and I appreciate the high-quality education. A big thank you to my wonderful teachers Marina and Mane!

Aram Shrestinian AVC student, USA

The AVC has been the best way for me to learn Armenian and explore my heritage. Because of these courses, I can now converse with my in-laws in Armenia. Mane and Marina are wonderful instructors and very nice people. I look forward to continuing my studies and using my language skills to help the nation of Armenia.

Eric Grigoryan AVC student, Georgia

AVC creates great opportunities for every Armenian to learn our language and culture. Now I can proudly say that I’m Armenian because I can read, write, and speak in my mother tongue.

Mike Cunningham AVC e-learner, USA

AGBU AVC changed the course of my life in so many ways. If you are looking to learn, if you want to come across the best teachers in the world, then look no further than the AGBU Armenian Virtual College. You will be very glad that you did.

Violette Khachaturian Principal, Ararat school, Toronto, Canada

I absolutely love your successful program. First of all, it is very convenient and user-friendly. The pictures and exercises are very attractive and interesting for kids. The dialogues and vocabulary really help the children to learn and spell, which results in a noticeably stronger ability to speak Armenian. The teachers, children, and I are very happy with AVC.

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