Connecting Global Armenians via AVC Language e-Chat Rooms 04/10/2017

AVC Alumni Relations Office continues to provide platform for communication and connectedness through AVC Language e-Chat Rooms.

As a language teaching institution AVC is exceptional in providing multiple means for practicing language, one of them being AVC Language e-Chat Rooms. About 50 alumni with intermediate and advanced Armenian language skills twice a month e-meet their fellow learners from around the world during the chat rooms sessions and communicate on various topics. Within the frames of the e-Chat Rooms, the alumni accomplish not only language goals together but what is most important feel connected to the global Armenian community.

Through the activities of Language e-Chat Rooms, AVC thus continues to provide a space for its alumni to see progress in their speaking and comprehension skills,as well as serve as a platform that contributes to the preservation of the Armenian language and cultural values․