Community Members of the AGBU Vahe Karapetyan Center Discover AVC 10/24/2016
On October 24, 2016, the AVC concept and offerings were presented to the students at the AGBU Vahe Karapetyan Center in Yerevan, Armenia. The AGBU Vahe Karapetyan Center’s community members, students and researchers from Armenia and abroad, who are enrolled in different universities of Armenia and participate in various types of activities, including interesting events, meetings and professional workshops, were delighted to participate in the AVC presentation and discover the program’s challenges and benefits. AVC Education Program Coordinator Marina Khachaturyan spoke about the AVC program and showcased the advantages of AVC’s online education. Mrs. Khachaturyan’s speech received a warm welcome at the AGBU Vahe Karapetyan Center, the members of which were very enthusiastic about the program opportunities and especially interested in the Multimedia eBooks Series. At the end of the presentation, they were delighted to learn that AVC had a gift for them–one tuition-free course at AVC for each student. The event set the foundation for a new collaboration with the community members, who promised to serve as word-of-mouth couriers in their countries and organizations, thus supporting AVC’s idea and activities.