Pan-Armenian Chess Community

AGBU Armenian Virtual College in association with the Chess Academy of Armenia hosted the First Pan Armenian Chess Tournament (PACT), held online on June 8-26, 2020. As millions of Armenian students and chess players found themselves in lockdown mode and looking for ways to connect with fellow Armenians with like-minded interests, AVC was in an ideal position to step up and organize the virtual tournament.

520 interested players signed up, representing 36 countries and five regions—from the Americas, Armenia and Artsakh to Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia and Oceania. The tournament was structured in two stages: regional semi-finals and three rounds of final games leading to the PACT champion titles. Between games, players were given access to the AVC interactive chess courses and participated in masterclasses with Armenian chess champions. The three final winners were announced during the online closing ceremony.

Watch the Closing Ceremony of the 1st Pan-Armenian Chess Tournament here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6lSINT-6Rs.

The idea of creating this innovative chess tournament was not only to discover new talent from across the Armenian world but, more importantly, to create a dynamic online global community of chess-loving students. AVC continues to leverage its virtual platform and experienced community coordinators to offer them skill-building and group-bonding activities.

The 2nd Pan-Armenian Chess Camp and Tournament was successfully held online from July 26 to August 12, 2021. Following the success of the first Pan-Armenian tournament, the organizers enriched and expanded the program of the event. The tournament was preceded by a week-long chess camp featuring a series of online masterclasses and simultaneous online games. All the participants were awarded certificates, and the winners received prizes.

Follow this link, to watch the Online Closing Ceremony of the 2nd Pan-Armenian Chess Camp and Tournament:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRyT9lZyKzE.

The 3rd Pan-Armenian Chess Camp and Tournament will take place from July 24 to September 2, 2023.

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