More than 12,000 AVC e-Book Users in 2015 10/01/2015
AVC Multimedia e-Book Series, with its two e-publications to date, have attracted over 12,000 readers in 2015. With the number of downloads growing each day, the Series has become a pioneer of periodical e-publications in the field of Armenian Studies. Thee-Book series' goal was to educate the entire Armenian Diaspora, as well as anyone else who wanted to learn about Armenia. The e-Books have become a bridge between the university and the general public. The fact that the whole series is focused on Armenian topics was not an obstacle for those students who were not Armenian either. In fact, it resulted in the opposite! The innovative approach in presenting these topics through modern devices and attractive technological solutions resulted in a greater number of downloads from both Armenian descendants and foreigners, from both the AVC community and general public. The e-Book series has allowed AVC to achieve its mission of discovery and recognition of the Armenian identity through its historical, cultural and linguistically heritage.