AVC TV School Reaches Russian-Speaking Audience 09/07/2015
2015 marked another milestone in AVC’s history of introducing new means to learn the Armenian language. Having premiered in 2014 with instructional programming targeted for English languare viewers, a new set of AVC TV School Program was back in October 2015 – now with Russian language instruction – with the English-language episodes continuing as reruns throughout the year. Prepared in collaboration with the Armenian Ministry of Diaspora, the AVC TV School airs on Armenian Public Satellite TV Channel H1. It was originally developed to provide a wider opportunity for children and adults to learn the Armenian language, starting from alphabet basics to an upper-intermediate level of the spoken and written language. Transcending geography, this path-breaking Armenian language learning TV program is based on the AVC online language lessons, which have been adjusted to a special TV format. Broadcasted in conjunction with the online courses, the program gives the viewers the opportunity to get in touch with AVC’s live online teachers to reinforce continue the language learning after each transmission. They can also interact with peers around the world, by enrolling in AVC online courses. Russian-speakers may tune in every Thursday at 14:00 AMT. English-speaking audience may tune in every Tuesday at 14:00 AMT.