AVC Founder and Director Dr. Yervant Zorian Visits Rostov 09/25/2013
From September 25 to September 28, Dr. Yervant Zorian, Founder and President of Armenian Virtual College (AVC), and Dr. Samvel Shoukourian, Member of the AVC Board of Trustees and Academician of the RA National Academy of Sciences visited Russia’s Rostov Region. Dr. Zorian and Dr. Shoukourian met members of the local Armenian community to discuss AVC, its objectives and mission, and the opportunities available for receiving a high quality online education. During the presentation, issues concerning Armenian education and preservation of identity were discussed, as well as the possible solutions through distance learning programs that better address the current demands of Armenians. Dr. Zorian and Dr. Shoukourian met with AVC Rostov lab students to learn their thoughts, ideas and recommendations Cooperation between AVC and the Armenian Sunday schools of St. Garabed and Armenian Holy Cross Churches was discussed in Rostov’s Myasnikyan District, where many Armenians live. Eight centuries ago, Armenians from Ani, a medieval Armenian capital, traveled to Myasnikyan District. Some of their descendants still live there and have kept their dialect, which is very close to Western Armenian. Later, people from present-day Armenia also emigrated to the Myasnikyan District. Currently, about 1,000 Armenian school pupils in the Myasnikyan District study Eastern Armenian based on the program and textbooks of the Republic of Armenia. AVC, with its varied and flexible program, provides a wide range of possibilities to the community, offering Armenian language, history and culture courses in both Eastern and Western Armenian. AVC President Dr. Zorian and Dr. Samvel Shoukourian also met with Head of the Myasnikyan District Arshak Porkeshyan and Head of the Education Department Rita Bzezyan to discuss other areas of cooperation. Cooperation between AVC and the Rostov community began in 2010; this visit is expected to further strengthen AVC’s presence in the region.