AVC’s Chess Certification Ceremony at AGBU Cairo 10/24/2015
On October 24, 2015, the AGBU Chaker Center in Heliopolis held a Chess Certification Ceremony and a cultural event. During the event AGBU Egypt Chairman Dr. Viken Djizmedjian, AGBU AVC Liaison in Egypt Anna Dolabjian and the AVC Hybrid Chess Teacher Vartan Shoushanian awarded certificates to the AVC-AGBU Chess Club members on the occasion of successful completion of AVC’s chess course. The chess classroom in the AGBU Cairo branch was opened in October 2014 thanks to the continuous efforts of the AGBU AVC Liaison in Egypt Anna Dolabjian, the Cairo AGBU office and the AVC team. Through the whole learning process, the Cairo branch chess students not only had access to the well-elaborated online theory, but were also able to put their knowledge into practice through live sessions with AVC Chess Instructor Vahagn Kalantaryan by playing chess online. The event began with the AGBU Cairo Chairman Viken Djizmedjian’s welcome speech and opening remarks, followed by AVC Liaison Anna Dolabjian’s presentation on AVC’s Armenian Studies, as well as its online and hybrid education programs. The AVC team, too, joined the event online to congratulate the students on the event. The AVC Academic Director Dr. Hasmik Khalapyan, the AVC Online Chess Instructor Vahagn Kalantaryan and the AVC Partnership Development Specialist Naira Gasparyan greeted the audience and congratulated the students. The Chess Certification Ceremony was accompanied by a musical performance and thus was a truly cultural event for the Egypt Armenian community. The success of AVC Chess Program in Cairo adds to a series of successful collaboration with communities or schools worldwide that AVC has been enjoining within the framework of its Hybrid Education Program.