Celebrating 10 Years of Continuous Collaboration With AVC-AGBU Egypt 12/18/2023

AVC-AGBU Egypt was established in 2013, becoming one of the first community-based schools to adopt the AVC hybrid education model.


Mrs. Anna Dolabjian, AVC Ambassador in Egypt and, presently, Senior Advisor at AVC-AGBU Egypt, first learned about the Armenian Virtual College during the presentation that AVC Founding President Dr. Yervant Zorian gave to the Egyptian-Armenian community in 2006. 


“It all started in 2013,” she recalls. “I was visiting Armenia with my daughter, who had completed all the AVC Armenian language courses and was there to receive her graduation certificate. We went together, and it became a wonderful chance to enter the world of the Armenian Virtual College and later bring it to Egypt.” 


Together with AGBU Egypt Chairman Mr. Berj Terzian and other dedicated community members, they decided to establish an AVC hybrid school in Egypt. In September 2013, AVC-AGBU Egypt was officially launched under the auspices of AGBU Cairo and AGBU Egypt.  


Following the intensive training and certification of the local teacher, along with preparatory activities coordinated with the AVC Hybrid Education Department, the AVC-AGBU Egypt Chess Program welcomed its first students in September 2014. The classes attracted learners of different ages, ranging from 11 to 65 years old. 


The AVC hybrid model was designed to bring online learning into a classroom, offering maximum flexibility in curriculum and scheduling.  "Being flexible is a very important feature for the Diaspora community. We have been flexible in our studies, and I want to thank the Armenian Virtual College for that,” says Mrs. Anna Dolabjian.


Inspired by the success of the Chess Program, the hybrid school decided to expand its educational offerings, and in February 2016, the Armenian Language Program was launched.  


In 2023, AVC-AGBU Egypt, along with AGBU AVC, celebrated its 10 years of service to the Egyptian-Armenian community, with more than 160 students, remarkable accomplishments, and numerous success stories over the years.


“We are very happy to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the AGBU AVC program in Egypt, “says Dr. George Simonian, Chairman AGBU Cairo. “The Egyptian-Armenian community has a long and rich history, playing an important role in the history of Egypt. The 1800s were the best time for the community. Notably, the first Prime Minister of Egypt, Nubar Pasha, was Armenian. We are also proud that the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) was established in Cairo in 1906 by Boghos Nubar and Yervant Aghaton.”


Today, AGBU Cairo continues its active work, providing assistance to students, elderly people, and families. It also supports numerous cultural and educational activities, including AVC-AGBU Egypt.


“Through the AVC hybrid program, we collaborated with more than 65 schools in different countries,” says Arpine Tavakalyan, AGBU AVC Partnership and Operations Team Manager.  “Despite most communication occurring online, we develop close ties with our partners, united by a shared mission. Our collaboration with AVC-AGBU Egypt was particularly successful thanks to the dedication and excellent work of the local team and community members. I would like to thank everyone for their invaluable contribution to this 10-year productive partnership," she adds.


This collaboration was brought to fruition thanks to the commitment and sustained efforts of Mr. Berj Terzian, Honorary Chairman of AGBU Egypt, the late Mr. Onnig Belekdanian (Vice Chairman of AGBU Cairo district and Chairman of AGBU Egypt), and especially, the late Dr. Viken Djizmedjian (Chairman of AGBU Cairo District and Vice President of AGBU Egypt), whose leadership and tireless work were critical to the success of AVC-AGBU Egypt.