Developing a Brand-New Course on Armenian Literature 12/22/2022

The AGBU AVC educational team is developing a long-awaited new course on Armenian Literature.


The course content is being designed to consist of two parts: part A, which will cover the period of Armenian literature from before the creation of the Armenian alphabet by Mesrop Mashtots up to the 1850s; and part B, which will cover the period from 1850 to modern literature.


Throughout the course, students will learn about Armenian myths, folklore, other literature genres, styles and literary directions. In addition, students will regularly be engaged in group discussions and analyses of various literary works. Overall, it is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of Armenian literature and its rich cultural history.


The course will be offered both in Eastern and Western Armenian.


The idea of the course was initiated from the multiple requests by AGBU AVC e-learners who are already advanced in the Armenian language and would like to further develop their knowledge of Armenian written works.


The initial work on the two parts of the course is currently in active progress.