AGBU Armenian Virtual College's Experience in Innovative Learning and Its Educational Programs Presented During the EdTech 2022 Educational Conference 07/12/2022

On July 4, the Artificial Intelligence: Education Questions and Technology Answers conference, initiated by KASA Swiss Humanitarian Foundation and the French University of Armenia, took place to discuss the challenges in the field of education and the importance of strengthening the dialogue between education and technology through artificial intelligence.

During the session introducing different EdTech companies and startups, Arpine Tavakalyan, AGBU AVC Partnership and Operations Team Manager, presented the AVC activities and its mission as well as AVC’s experience in adapting to modern-day challenges and implementing advanced technological solutions in the non-formal education system. She also talked about the “Artificial Intelligence” course designed for high school students in Armenia and Artsakh.

The presentation was followed by a question-and-answer session, panel discussions and an opinion-mapping activity where the prospects for the development of ties between education and artificial intelligence were examined. It was inspiring to see such great interest among the attendees toward the AVC programs and AVC’s flexible approach to utilizing e-learning opportunities in the process of online teaching of Armenology subjects.

Artur Avagyan, AVC Development Team Senior Manager, and Nora Grigorian, Partnership and Communications Specialist, were also present at the conference.

Since April 22, the AGBU Armenian Virtual College has been organizing and managing the entire learning process of the first stage of the “Artificial Intelligence” course in a hybrid online learning mode.

The course was initiated and developed by the AGBU Silicon Valley Chapter, Synopsis Armenia, and the Union of Information and Communication Technology Employers, and it is sponsored by Synopsis Foundation.

Find out more at: https://www.avc-agbu.org/news/articles/interactive-courses-on-artificial-intelligence-for-high-school-students