AVC Live Events from Martiros Saryan House-Museum 03/25/2019

The AGBU Armenian Virtual College, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia and the Martiros Saryan house-museum organized a series of live Facebook events from the museum. Art critic and house-museum director Ruzan Saryan and chief curator Sophie Saryan guided the viewers on a virtual tour, unveiling the secrets of Saryan’s artworks and sharing some of the personal stories behind his paintings.


The events are part of “My Saryan” the 9th Pan-Armenian children’s painting festival-competition that will take place in several stages throughout the year. AVC suggested to hold thematic live events from the museum in order to reach a wider audience and better acquaint the participants of the competition with Saryan’s art. The Ministry and the museum staff fully supported the initiative which was welcomed with high interest and received positive feedback from online viewers.


“We are thankful to the AGBU Armenian Virtual College and Martiros Saryan house-museum for the collaboration and for bringing the idea of the event to life.” -Department of Diaspora, RA Ministry of Education and Science.


 “Thank you very much for this wonderful idea. Many of us, from school-age children to older adults, have a lot to learn about the life and work of the Artist…”- Zarmine Poghosian.

“On Friday, March 22, the AGBU “M. Saryan” Academy administration organized a special event. The students of the Academy visited online Martiros Saryan house-museum and learned about the Great Artist’s works.  The video tour was followed by a discussion about Armenian art and painting, especially Martiros Saryan’s art. We are grateful to AVC for their Impressive and commendable initiative.” - “M. Saryan” Academy, Aleppo, Syria.


Part 1- "Fairy Tales and Dreams"



Part 2- "Armenia in Saryan's art"



Part 3- "Eastern Period"