The Kardashians Learn About AVC Programs on their Visit to Armenia 10/10/2019

During their visit to AGBU Armenia in October 2019, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, among other AGBU projects, were introduced to the AVC educational program and e-books.

AVC Founding president Dr. Yervant Zorian spoke about the AGBU Armenian Virtual College and the diverse educational opportunities available through AVC’s e-learning platform. “We are using e-learning to reach the Diaspora, to reach various communities and people living in different places, and to give them Armenian education- language, history and culture, “he said.

The guests were particularly interested to explore the new Armenian language course, enhanced with animations, multimedia tools and other interactive content. Two AVC students volunteered to demonstrate some of the features of the online lessons and told about their own learning experience.

Dr. Zorian also spoke about the AVC e-books enhanced with videos, sound, pictures and other multimedia content and showed them on an iPad.

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian expressed their appreciation of AVC’s programs and mentioned their interest in learning Armenian and teaching it to their family members.