UAE: Longtime Friends Continue Going with You All the Way 04/11/2016
The cooperation between AVC and the Ohannesian Armenian Weekly School in Sharjah, UAE, began in 2009 with the foundation of AVC. This was the first time AVC expanded its program to schools rather than individual students. Since then, the School has been one of the best integrators of the AVC Hybrid Education Program offering the AVC Armenian History online course to many generations of Armenians attending the school. Thanks to the initiative of the School’s former Education Committee Chair, Hrach Borghosizian, and Principal Nishan Bassmajian, the Ohannesian School partnered with AVC to include AVC History Courses in the Secondary School curriculum. Nishan Bassmajian recalls: “The collaboration between AVC and the Ohannessian School was a great experience for the school. AVC’s courses serve as an opportunity for many Armenians to regain their roots and learn their native tongue.” Current Principal Angele Saba, together with the onsite History teacher Matig Manoogian, make every effort to offer their students the customized History course as a brilliant opportunity to further develop their knowledge in history. To make the learning process easier, the language barrier problem has been solved by AVC’s multi-language instructional platform. The course is simultaneously offered through English and Western Armenian languages to achieve a higher comprehension rate. The school students are happy about the AVC online program. One of the students, Talar Pontigian, states: “I am grateful to AVC as it found a nice way for the Armenian community members in Dubai to learn their history. It is a pleasure to study history with AVC. Everything is explained clearly in their lessons and it is so easy to understand. I am happy to study the history of my homeland in this way.” The partnership with the Ohannesian School that already has solid roots promises to be even more fruitful in the future with more student wishing to join the Program.