New AVC Liaison Team Established in Bucharest, Romania 05/28/2015
AVC Founder and President Dr. Yervant Zorian paid a three-day visit to Romania during which he visited Bucharest and Cluj (near the Armenian town Gherla/Armenopolis). The meetings with the community leaders and members resulted in the establishment of the AVC liaison team in Romania, which will help further expand AVC’s presence in the country through regular and hybrid learning programs. Dr. Zorian had a number of meetings in Bucharest and Cluj. He presented the idea of AVC to the community members. Some of the youth leaders expressed genuine enthusiasm about the program and its potential impact on Armenian education in Romania. Community activists, including Hasmig Danielian and Luiza Tanasie headed by George Nazareanu, expressed their willingness to raise awareness about AVC programs and products among the Armenians of Romania. The group intends to have local representatives in cities and towns across Romania to introduce AVC to local Armenians. This visit adds to the series of tours by Dr. Zorian to various parts of the world in an effort to spread the word about AVC and set up new instances of collaboration and partnership.