London AGBU Summer Interns Meet AVC Founder 07/24/2015

On July 24, 2015, AVC Founder Dr. Yervant Zorian had a meeting with the participants of AGBU's London Summer Internship Program. Dr. Zorian shared his professional experience with the interns, spoke to them about AVC’s mission and activities, as well as other AGBU projects, and provided advice to the young members related with their future career path.

The Internship Program covered a wide geographical sphere as the participants came from various countries, including the United States, Canada, Argentina, France, Lebanon and more! Each participant was eager to learn of the new educational prospective that AVC offered, which could eventually turn into an effective learning program in their respective countries and communities.

The format of the meeting was a discussion forum, which provided the opportunity for an open, comfortable, and sincere discussion. Dr. Zorian’s presentation of AVC was so inspirational that the young interns were all enthusiastic by the end and had developed a great willingness to spread the word about AVC in their communities once they complete their SIP. Micaela Ekserciyan from Argentina shared her impressions of the meeting, “It was very interesting knowing more about AVC and I am looking forward to get involved. When I return to Argentina I would like to take an AVC course”. The inclusive nature of the discussion as well as Yervant Zorian’s keen interest in inspiring young people motivated every participant involved and they later recalled the meeting as one of the best ones they had ever attended!

The meeting ended with whole-hearted thanks by the participants who noted that it was not only extremely educational for them, but also incredibly enjoyable. The participants’ appreciation of AVC’s programs as well as their willingness to help AVC in involving more people in the Armenian Studies program was another opportunity for AVC to build awareness in different Armenian communities all around the world!