Genocide Commemoration at AVC 04/24/2016

For AGBU Armenian Virtual College, April is the month to join millions of Armenians worldwide to commemorate the Armenian Genocide. Using AVC’s large and worldwide audience, the social event Commemoration of Victims and Tribute to Humanity took hundreds of participants through the stories of survivors and eyewitness accounts, both pre and post genocide-times.

On April 28 and 29, over 60 students virtually joined AVC Online Instructors who led them through the Genocide Museum to see genocide-related exhibits and to virtually lay flowers in memory of the victims. Afterwards, AVC students and alumni learnt about many acts of humanity that took place during the Genocide. These moving stories of human compassion were paralleled with heroic stories that were made visible through the Aurora Prize Annual Ceremony this April 24 in Yerevan.

In addition, AVC served as a hub for many Armenian Community schools and centers in uniting them over this historical fact. Several classes from the Ohanessian Armenian School in Sharjah, the AGBU Alex & Marie Manoogian school in Detroit, the Hay Azkayin Turian Varjaran in Sao Paolo, and the St. Sarkis School in Dallas joined AVC’s Genocide commemoration event.