From Hybrid To Hye-breed at AGBU Sofia 11/30/2014
The AGBU Armenian Virtual College Hybrid School Program proves to be a successful educational concept with more and more schools welcoming the innovative approach of educating Armenian children in the Diaspora. The program employs a blend of traditional and online education – the students actually attend community school and take lessons with a local teacher who collaborates with an AVC online instructor; together, the two help students maximize learning through the AVC online-based curriculum. Acknowledging the benefits of hybrid learning, the AGBU Sofia Hayler Sunday School joined the AVC Hybrid Program for the academic term of Winter 2014. Due to the collaborative efforts of AGBU Sofia, AVC staff, Ms. Sonia Avagian and two local teachers from AGBU Sofia Hayler Sunday School, the program was initiated. Twenty students enrolled in the Eastern Armenian course taught in Russian and successfully continued the course during subsequent terms. The program was so successful that it was expanded through other community activities as well. The AGBU summer camp in Bulgaria leveraged AVC in its program at the end of August 2014. Many community members and hybrid students had an opportunity to attend AVC virtual social tours and participate in the online games and competitions. The hybrid program, thus, is another successful tool to serve the AVC mission –‘breeding’ the Armenian identity in the Armenians in Diaspora: hye-breeding with hybrid.