Exploring Yerevan e-Guide Presented to Armenia’s Tourism Sector at City Hall in Yerevan 06/23/2016
On June 2, the Armenian Virtual College in collaboration with the Yerevan Municipality, organized a presentation of its interactive e-book, Exploring Yerevan: A Look Inside the City’s Past and Present, at City Hall in Yerevan. Specially organized for the tourism sector of Armenia, the event drew over 50 leading companies and organizations actively operating in this sphere, including the National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia, the Union of Tour Operators, the Tourist Guides Association of Armenia and the Tourism Institute of Armenia as well as hotel and tourism industry representatives. Prepared in cooperation with the Municipality, the e-book is the second addition to AVC’s pioneering multimedia e-book series and was presented to the audience with an emphasis on its historical, social and demographic information, designed for readers interested in visiting Yerevan or simply learning about the city. Of particular interest was its package of six one-day city tours and hikes designed to help visitors make the most of their time in Yerevan and its surroundings. Speaking about the useful information that tour operators and tourists will find in the travel guide, AVC Founding President Dr. Yervant Zorian thanked the Yerevan Municipality, the city’s Mayor Taron Margaryan and mayor’s assistant Maria Baraghamyan: “The Municipality of Yerevan always supports our initiatives, which is an inspiration for us, and we feel this e-book will be very important not only for tourists, but for the growth of Yerevan’s tourism industry and the presentation of the city in virtual format.” During the presentation, the audience also learned about the diversity of programs, cultural and social events, videos, interactive maps, virtual tours, picture galleries, and 3D and panoramic images included in the e-book. Dr. Zorian told the audience that the electronic guide had a wider reach not only due to its availability in multiple languages (Eastern and Western Armenian, English, Russian, French, Spanish and Turkish), but also due to its support on multiple platforms and devices, including iOS and Android smart phones, tablets and computers. Ms. Baraghamyan noted that the innovative user-friendly tourism product was the outcome of the effective cooperation between the Municipality and the Armenian Virtual College: . “The Yerevan History Museum, along with the Tourism Department and Technologies Center of the Municipality, all joined efforts to support AVC in the preparation of the e-book. As a result, the 2,797-year-old city can now be presented to the world as an attractive touristic destination in quite an innovative way.” Exploring Yerevan is available for free download and online browsing on computers and mobile devices through the Apple iBooks Store, Joomag website and mobile app, the AVC website (www.avc-agbu.org) and AGBU online bookstore (www.agbubookstore.org), as well as the tourism section of the official website of the Yerevan Municipality (www.yerevan.am). To learn more about Exploring Yerevan, please visit https://www.avc-agbu.org/en/virtual_experience/eBook_trailer/2.html