ChinaHay Event 11/09/2013
“For when two of them meet anywhere in the world, see if they will not create a New Armenia.” The famous quote by the great Armenian writer William Saroyan is just to the point when looking at the newly-found Armenian Centre of ChinaHay Armenian Community. The Armenians have long appeared in this far land of the globe but their social activities had recently become even more active especially in Hong Kong within the Armenian community of China, known as ‘ChinaHay’. On November 9, 2013 there was a significant event in the ChinaHay community - the official opening ceremony of the newly established Jack & Julie Maxian Hong Kong Armenian Center. Numerous guests from overseas and from Armenia gathered in Hong Kong to attend the event. The Armenian Virtual College (AVC) was among the invitees to take part in the official opening as an honorary guest on the first day of the event and on the second day (November 10) to act as a full-right host in a public lecture dedicated to AVC. During the lecture the founding president of AVC Dr. Yervant Zorian presented AVC to the audience; he described how the educational institute had been helping similar communities all over the world adding value to their Armenian undertakings with AVC’s mission and services. Then Nana Minasian, AVC liaison in Hong Kong, China, presented the Armenian Virtual College course offerings to the ChinaHay public. She announced that Armenian classes will be offered at the new Jack and Julie Maxian Hong Kong Armenian Centre in the coming weeks in partnership with the Armenian Virtual College (AVC). The full-fledge courses in the Armenian Language, History and Culture would be a nice opportunity both for adults and kids of the community to learn the things easily and fast with the help of the online instructor guidance. The presentation aroused a lot of interest and enthusiasm among the guests and community members; the unique teaching format of AVC attracted the visitors who felt they may continue to be tightly connected to their mother tongue and culture through such dedicated institutions as AVC.