AVC Hosted Kazakhstan Armenian Community Rep 11/26/2010

On November 26, 2010 AGBU Armenian Virtual College hosted Sergey Grigoryan, representing the Armenian community of Kazakhstan.

Armenian Virtual College staff gave a presentation for him about AGBU’s newest learning institute - one that carries on its lifelong dedication to Armenian education with an entirely innovative approach.

Happily surprised of AVC’s huge role and importance - Mr. Grigoryan suggested to start cooperation between numerous Armenian communities in Kazakhstan and AVC Particularly, he was interested in the hybrid method of education that AVC offers.

The hybrid education method makes Armenian education accessible to the Armenian schools in the entire Diaspora. It implies the combination of both in-class and on-line education during which both of the instructors (in-classroom and on-line) are liaised with each other to address the arising issues and find interesting discussion topics.

The esteem guest from Kazakhstan indicated that this could be quite a good solutionfor the Sunday schools in the Central Asian region.