AVC Discussion with CPA Group in Paris 11/20/2015
Within the frames of a visit to Paris, France in November 2015, the Armenian Virtual College Founding President Dr. Yervant Zorian was hosted at the periodic meeting of the Circle of Professional Armenians (CPA). The event began with the opening of the founder and chairman of the organization, Mr. Eric Dadian, who introduced Dr. Yervant Zorian and his activities to the audience. The format of the meeting provided the atmosphere for an open and sincere discussion, and as a result, the Armenian professionals attending the event had the opportunity to listen to the professional experience of Dr. Yervant Zorian and then ask their questions. Dr. Zorian particularly concentrated on the AGBU Armenian Virtual College experience. His inclusive nature of the discussion, as well as his keen interest in inspiring the audience, led to numerous suggestions about AVC’s future plans. The CPA members were very enthusiastic about the meeting and committed to spread the word about AVC in their community. The meeting ended with the whole-hearted thanks by the participants, their appreciation of AVC’s programs, as well as their promising willingness to help AVC build awareness in the Parisian Armenian Community.