AGBU AVC Students visited Cafesjian Center for the Arts 08/15/2013
Art is a mirror of our life and civilization we live in. The AGBU Armenian Virtual College (AVC) has recently organized a social event – virtual tour to the Cafesjian Center for the Arts using art as the best communication language to covey the life and the civilization of our city to the Armenians and non-Armenians studying at AVC. Placed in the heart of Yerevan, Cafesjian Center for the Arts is one of the beloved places for the Armenians and tourists with its exterior stairway, interior series of escalators, waterfalls and outdoor gardens - each corner full of historical and cultural sculptures, monuments, paintings and different modern art pieces. AVC online instructors first led the students to the Cafesjian Sculpture Garden and acquainted them with each sculpture story and artistic value. It seemed the students were walking through alleys of Sculpture Garden physically not being there, “I loved and enjoyed the tour of Cascade very much. It seemed to me that I was really there”, said Ani Shahinyan from Russia. The students then were guided through various exhibition halls: Khanjyan Gallery inspired them with great deeds and achievements the Armenians have had historically, thus providing students with history and culture based knowledge at the same time, “The tours are interesting because they provide cultural, historical, artistic impressions all in package”, expressed his/her ideas Tania Sarkissian from France. Eduard Mesropyan from concluded “These events are useful and necessary in many aspects: linguistic, cultural, informative, historical, and educational and patriotic”. The hall of modern art called POP Connection, Libenský Brychtová glass works’ gallery, “In the Mind of the Collector” one, Swarovski Light Socks and Swarovski Crystal Palace admired students with their unique modern art solutions. The tour surly added one more place of interest to the students list of sightseeing extending their outlook on Armenia and its places of interest. The virtual tour, thus, serves an ultimate objective – creating a virtual community around AVC and providing a spirit that breathes and thinks in an Armenian way. The tour, therefore, can really be considered as a success if today’s students tomorrow will turn the virtual tour into a real one as wished by Lindsay Peckham from USA, “I loved the virtual tour. I\'ve never been to Armenia but I hope to go there in the future to see some great places.”