Record-Breaking Number of Students In Winter Term 2023 01/20/2023

This winter, AGBU AVC courses reached more than 850 individual e-learners around the world with a variety of courses taken over 1,000 times.


Interestingly, about 38% of the e-learners are returning students who wished to continue their studies at AGBU AVC.


“As usual, I appreciate my learning experience at AVC and consider it a highly professional Armenian educational institution,” says one of the returning e-learners. Another student says, “Being part of AVC has helped me connect with Armenian culture and language.”


Another feedback from a first-time e-learner mentions the importance of AGBU AVC in making Armenian education accessible to everyone, “I think the work of AVC to bring Armenian culture and history to the general public is fantastic. Very grateful for the experience, and I will continue taking courses. I find the language very interesting and the course lessons are easy to follow”


During this term, 25.1% of the students were from the USA, 23.9% - from Russia,  20.9%- from Armenia, 4.2% - from France, 3.2% - from Canada, and more from other parts of the world. 


Spring Term is currently rolling with already more than 600 e-learners registered.