AGBU AVC Hybrid Schools Celebrate 100th Anniversary of Paruyr Sevak 02/02/2024

On January 24, AGBU AVC teamed up with partner Armenian schools to commemorate the birth centennial of Paruyr Sevak, one of the greatest Armenian poets of the twentieth century.

AGBU AVC hybrid school students from Lebanon, Syria, Switzerland and Canada celebrated the anniversary with a poetry reading and original artwork inspired by Sevak’s poems.

The first part of the joint project featured Sevak’s “Erebuni-Yerevan” poem, read by students from the Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School in Beirut, Lebanon, and the Topalian School in Geneva, Switzerland. The second poem, “We Are Few But We Are Called Armenians,” was read by students from the AGBU Lazar Najarian-Calouste Gulbenkian School, and the AGBU M. Saryan Academy in Aleppo, Syria, as well as the AGBU Alex Manoogian School in Montreal, Canada.

In appreciation of the works of the great poet, the students also created fascinating Armenian-themed drawings, which were well-received and appreciated by AGBU AVC’s social media followers. Some of the comments read, “Such a valuable initiative,” “An exceptional project. Thank you AGBU AVC!”

AGBU AVC Hybrid Program on-site teachers were also excited to join the initiative. Nayiri Jiji, Armenian Language Teacher at the Alex Manoogian School in Montreal, said, “Thank you to the big AVC family for always providing our students with the opportunity to participate in such wonderful projects.”

The AGBU AVC Hybrid Program is a mix of in-class and online learning which supplements traditional teaching methods with innovative, technology-based resources. It is successfully implemented in 66 educational institutions and Armenian communities around the world.

Watch the video to see the students’ drawings accompanied by their reading of Sevak’s poems.