AGBU AVC Celebrates International Mother Language Day 02/24/2024

In celebration of International Mother Language Day on February 21, AGBU AVC dedicated a week full of special projects and social media posts honoring the Armenian language.


Opening the week, on February 19, AGBU AVC upper-level e-learners from the US, England, Argentina, Russia and Turkey read “The Capture of Fort Tmuk,” a poem by the great Armenian writer, Hovhannes Tumanyan. The project was dedicated to the 155th birth anniversary of Tumanyan. In Armenia, February 19 is also celebrated as Book Giving Day.


Watch a short video of the students’ recital here,


On February 21, International Mother Language Day, AGBU AVC prepared another video featuring Beginner and Intermediate-level e-learners who shared their insights about why they decided to learn Armenian and what challenges they overcame with the help of the AGBU AVC online instructors.


Watch the video here.


As usual, AGBU AVC is proud to bring people from all corners of the world together around the Armenian language and the rich heritage of Armenia. Other initiatives were also presented during the week, many of which can be found on AGBU AVC’s social media page. True to AGBU AVC’s overarching mission, these programs aim to preserve, promote and foster further interest in Armenian language, culture and history.