Promising Collaboration with H. Acharian Language Institute 02/28/2023

AGBU AVC and the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia (NAS RA) Language Institute named after H. Acharyan held a productive meeting at the AGBU AVC office. The meeting aimed to explore potential areas of collaboration between the two organizations, and both sides presented their activities and work during the session. The representatives of AGBU AVC and the specialists from the NAS RA Language Institute named after H. Acharyan discussed the scope and possibilities for cooperation. 


During the next visit to the Western Armenian Department at the H. Acharyan Language Institute, AGBU AVC representatives met with the director of the institute, Dr. Viktor Katvalyan. As the Western Armenian Department is celebrating its 10th anniversary of establishment, and the representatives had the opportunity to learn about the department's activities and accomplishments during this time.


The meeting also included discussions about the opportunities for collaboration, which could include joint webinars, workshops, and conferences aimed at promoting and developing the use of the Western Armenian language. The collaboration could also involve joint research and publications related to the language, its history, and its use.


AGBU AVC and the NAS RA Language Institute named after H. Acharyan share a common goal of promoting and preserving the Armenian language and culture.