AVC continues its series of online events 02/25/2020

In February 2020, AVC conducted two online events popularizing Armenian heritage worldwide. The first was a virtual visit to the Public Radio of Armenia guided by famous the head of the Armenian Radio Archive, singer Arthur Ispirian. Throughout the online tour popularized the rich heritage and history of the national radio station, exposed the treasures of its Golden Fund, and uncovered the current projects of the Public Radio.


The second event held on the 21st of February was dedicated to the International Mother Language and introduced the oldest functioning Armenian school in Diaspora, namely Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy of Kolkata, India. The event highlighted the valuable contribution of Armenian schools and churches in preserving our mother tongue outside of Armenia and demonstrated the enthusiasm of young generations in communicating in their native language, which makes them feel more attached to their roots and solidifies their Armenian identity.


Dr. Zorian’s online tour of Armenian College has aroused great interest among viewers across the globe and has attracted dozens of grateful comments. People left personal testimonials about experiencing AVC and the College in Kolkata and expressed heartfelt appreciation of the activities of these establishments.


․․․may the Armenian community thrive and remain in India for centuries to come!”

(Subhashish Nandi)


Thank you, Dr. Zorian, for presenting the Philanthropic Academy in a new, beautiful way”.

(Vache Tadevosyan)


Thank you for the noble work you are doing. Armenian language and church play a significant role in the preservation of Armenian identity.

(Hasmig Garabedian)