Nouvelle d’Armenie features AVC: the Technological Resource for Education 04/10/2017

In its 8 years of successful operation AVC has been featured by a large number of local, international media, the latest one being Nouvelle d’ArmenieMagazine (NAM), published in France.

Nouvelle d’ArmenieMagazine had called attention to AVC activities in the past years; however the recent article in NAM April issue, it highlighted AVC’s invaluable technological resources in reaching out to Armenians worldwide and providing not only Armenian education but also connecting global Armenians. The author of the article Simon Landré, the Communication Manager of AGBU France, starts the article by referring to the idea of AVC as “An ambitious project” and then gradually reveals AVC’s worldwide popularity, its global outreach, its state-of-the-art technological basis, the extended range of offerings and concludes the article by speaking about AVC’s “popular success”.

As an evidence of AVC’s successful operation the article offers qualitative and quantitative data; the words of AVC student Parsa Zarrin sound as a testimonial; whereas the recent statistics speak about the success of the project in tangible figures.