New AVC hybrid language courses at Armenian Schools in Europe 12/08/2017



In September 2017, the AGBU Paris Saturday School started a Hybrid Education program providing classes in Western Armenian taught in French. The classes were made possible thanks to the efforts of the teacher Megerditch Basma, who underwent a 5-day intensive training at the Armenian Virtual College during an earlier visit to Armenia. Up to 20 students of different ages participate in the weekly classes with great interest and enthusiasm.




Students from the AGBU Haskovo Saturday school will soon learn Armenian through the AVC hybrid program. In November 2017, Alvard Patvakanyan, the AGBU Plovdiv hybrid class teacher, held a presentation in Haskovo about the advantages of the hybrid education at AVC. A decision to join the program was made, and student enrollment is currently in progress.


AVC continues its active collaboration with the AGBU Plovdiv Saturday school and the AGBU Sunday School in Sofia, where Armenian classes take place regularly, according to the educational plans. In July 2017, more than 40 participants of the AGBU Plovdiv Chapter HayLer had daily Armenian classes based on the AVC course and learned about the celebration of Vardavar during an online social event.