In Enduring Support of Western Armenian 11/26/2016
On November 26, 2016, AVC participated in the conference entitled “Western Armenian Language in Armenia: Challenges, Prospects,” organized by the Youth Council of the Aleppo NGO with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the RA and AGBU. The conference, aimed at finding solutions for the preservation and development of the Western Armenian language in Armenia, had called upon many renowned linguists, Armenologists, and representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations, among them being AVC Online Instructor of Western Armenian, Zepur Kheblikian. In her speech entitled “Technology and the Armenian Education,” Mrs. Kheblikian spoke about the current situation of Western Armenian and its preservation through the newest technologies based on AVC’s online experience. The audience learnt how the newest technologies could raise interest in learning Western Armenian, as well as facilitate the learning process itself. The attendees especially appreciated AVC’s approach to teaching Western Armenian as a means of introduction to Armenian culture and history. Mrs. Kheblikian stated, “Western Armenian will survive if we are able to speak about Garni and Geghard in Western Armenian as well.” Mrs. Kheblikian stated summed up her presentation with the statement that AVC served as a very effective platform in surmounting the issues that specialists usually face while teaching Western Armenian through traditional ways and methods.