How AVC Helps To Become A Real Armenian The story of AVC unique student Nazareth Seferian 08/31/2011
Nazareth Seferian is repatriate Armenian who nowlives in Yerevan. He was born in Canada in the Armenian-Lebanese family. He later on moved to to India with his family and where he grew up with his two brothers. In 1998 immediately after leaving the secondary school Nazareth came to Armenia to get an education in Yerevan State Medical University. Afterwards he got specialized in the sphere of Public Health in the American University of Armenia at the same time participating in the distant learning courses of sustainable leadership in the University of Cambridge. The Armenian language has always been spoken in the Seferians family. “When I moved to Armenia, my knowledge of Armenian was improved, and I also learnt Russian. However, while in Armenia Ihad a little opportunity to gain professional knowledge on the history of Armenia. ”- Nazareth said. Although he has taken some courses of the Armenian language in Yerevan State Medical University, he has never had courses on the Armenian history. He had a feeling as if something was incomplete as he did not know much about the eminent Armenians and the important historical events of Armenia. When he had a chance to study the Armenian history at the Armenian Virtual College he accepted it heartily and took two courses at once during Fall Term 2009. Out of all history courses Nazareth chose to study the Ancient Armenian history. Thit was the stage he knew very little about. that he knew little about. His choice was also due to his great interest towards the history in general. “AVC history courses of finally gave me an opportunity to acknowledge the Armenian history, and now I feel much more confident when participating in the discussions about the Armenian history. Drawing comparative parallels between the developments taken place in the past and today I become amazed: the history is overallrepeated” – he claims. Going on with his speech he said that he felt proud of living in the free and independent Republic of Armenia. AVC’s courses inspired him to go on with his own studies of his motherland’s history to become much moreinformed. He hopes that AVC history courses will give him an opportunity to get acquainted with the most prominent events of the Armenian history, and further courses will enrich his knowledge in the sphere of the Armenian literature. In his opinion, AVC can be a powerful weapon in the hands of the Armenian Diaspora, especially in the hands of youth helping them to have better knowedge of their country’s history and culture. Nazareth has already advised his friends to enroll for AVC’s courses. Nazareth’s positive experience is a perfect example for the Armenians living in Diaspora and in Armenia. “I hope that AVC’s useful knowledge helps me to feel a real Armenian as I live and work in Armenia”- stated Nazareth.