First Group of Migrants Successfully Completes the AVC Armenian Language Course 10/07/2018

The first group of students successfully completed a 60-hour Armenian language course for refugees and migrants offered by the AGBU Armenian Virtual College. As part of the partnership agreement with the RA Ministry of Education and Science, AVC organized Armenian language classes for refugees and long-term migrants in Armenia to promote their social integration.

From June 2018, more than 20 people, including Armenians from Iraq and Syria, participated in the weekly lessons facilitated by the AVC language instructor Ani Dekirmenchyan. The course was offered at two levels of proficiency and employed the hybrid teaching model combining the advantages of both classroom and online learning approaches.

“When my wife and I started the classes, we understood some Armenian, but could not speak, “says Ivan Guevorkian from Iraq, who recently moved to Armenia with his family. The AVC classes helped them easier integrate into their ancestral homeland. “Now I can better communicate at work or speak Armenian on the phone. It really helps in our daily life,” says Ivan.

Ivan and his wife were among those who successfully passed the final exam and received certificates. AVC’s experience and capacities in online education were part of their success. AVC also organized educational activities for the course participants, including a visit to Matenadaran, to help them better understand Armenia, its rich culture and history.