Eminent e-Learning Experts Fascinated by AVC Experience 09/24/2015
On September 24, 2015, notable experts of e-learning visited AGBU Armenian Virtual College to learn more about AVC operation and programs, share with their expertise and discuss prospects of possible collaboration. AVC Founder Yervant Zorian, Academic Director Hasmik Khalapyan and Technical Director Artur Avagyan presented the program to the experts, as well as the online learning tools, online learning environment and other facilities supporting e-Learning at AVC. The experts admired the achievements AVC had accomplished in the sphere of e-Learning in its 6 years of operation. AVC has been able to utilize the available online tools of the sphere in such an innovative way that it results in high retention and satisfaction rates with its target audience. The multinational audience of AVC and the ethnographic differences in it audience supported by instruction in 7 languages had created a wide pool of data for research in e-Learning. The experts, therefore, were eager to explore the ethno-thinking culture at AVC, formation of groups within a course, and the success of utilization of other e-Learning elements in Moodle, such as the combination of other communication channels with Moodle. They also made a number of suggestions based on the research results of other universities specialized in e-Learning, especially emphasizing the importance of peer-to-peer learning and learner-generated content as the best motivators for e-Learners in the online learning process. The experts also recommended including gamification elements in AVC courses and were surprised to see how the instruction of kings’ game is implemented in the AVC chess program. By using the trial and error method in quizzes and exercises, AVC was able to make the learning process in chess turn into an engaging ‘game’ with the process becoming both appealing and effective. On AVC’s end, the team promised to make every effort possible to provide the experts with sufficient data for research in order to help the experts reach their desired results in e-Learning. The meeting marked the beginning of a long term and mutually beneficial collaboration. The results of the research could open new horizons in e-Learning and help e-Learners and e-Teachers around the world accomplish new achievements.