Chess in Schools International Conference Hosts AVC 10/17/2014
On October 17, Armenian Virtual College participated in the Chess in Schools international conference, where they presented their model of chess education that has already been compulsory in Armenian schools for several years. The Ministry of Education and Science, the International Chess Federation (FIDE), the Chess Federation of Armenia, and Armenia’s Chess Academy organized the conference, which was attended by local representatives, as well as about 180 representatives from 30 countries around the world. AVC Founder and President Yervant Zorian introduced AVC’s proposed model for learning and teaching chess to the participants of the conference. AVC currently provides free online courses for learning chess, which are unique in both their method of teaching as well as coverage. The online instructor guides the lessons and practical work, and organizes games between the classmates. AVC also organizes online competitions within the chess lessons. The chess classes provided by AVC are of great interest to many. In the fall, AVC opened a chess classroom in Cairo, Egypt, where the students will fill the ranks of AVC’s chess students.