Armenian Embassy In Abu Dhabi Hosts President Of AVC 12/16/2010
On December 16, 2010, the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in the United Arab Emirates hosted Dr Yervant Zorian, the founder and president of the Armenian Virtual College and member of AGBU Central Board of Directors, during a special event organized by the Council of The Armenian Community of Abu Dhabi. The event comes as a part of series of presentations across the Armenian communities worldwide aiming the revitalization of the Armenian education through AGBU's newest educational program, the Armenian Virtual College (AVC), and to provide a broader idea about the program and its unique mission. This event was initiated by Mr Nishan Basmadjian, principal, and Mr Hratch Brunsuzian, chairman of Board of Trustees of Ohanessian School of Sharjah. In an earlier statement, the organizing council called on all parents, teachers, students, college youth and interested people to attend the meeting. The statement read as "this is a grand initiative, which will be a revolution in our educational system. This program will help us to learn Armenian by using the most advanced technologies." The event, which took place in the Armenian Embassy of UAE, started with opening remarks by Mr Souren Kojakian, the chairman of the Council of the Armenian Community of Abu Dhabi. After presenting a short bio of the guest speaker, Dr Zorian took the stage and welcomed the gathering. "The AVC has a great potential impact in supporting our national struggle to preserve the Armenian language, history and culture," said Zorian. "I would like to invite each one of you personally to become an AVC ambassador to disseminate information about it in your community and across the world. AVC is eager to reach every interested individual and groups, who seek Armenian education anywhere in the world. I am hopeful that you, your family and friends will find an opportunity in the near future to enroll, as a student or auditor, in our program to better understand the unique identity and rich heritage of the Armenian nation, as well as socialize and network with virtual classmates from all around the world," he added. Throughout the presentation, Dr Zorian handled a continuous flow of questions. At the end, several community activists, such as Mr Krikor Mahseredjian and Mrs Antoinette Yeretsian, expressed their appreciation and support to AVC. Later, Mr John Toutikian stated "We were really impressed and happy that such a vital educational institution has been established which may cater the needs of everyone related to Armenians. Mr Vahagn Melikian, the Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to the UAE, made positive statements in support to AVC at the end of the evening. "I will always be ready to cooperate with you to bring these great ideas into life," he said. Many of the attendants were encouraged by the idea of the presentation and committed to bring their utmost contribution to help AVC grow and spread Armenian education everywhere on the globe. "We will be talking about your institution and encouraging them to benefit from it," said a community member. While many others already lined up to get registered in the next term of the Armenian Virtual College, which will start in spring 2011.