Ari Tun Program Participants Learn About Online Armenian Education 08/25/2017

In summer 2017, AVC welcomed more than 880 young participants of Ari Tun program by the Ministry of Diaspora. During a series of eight events that took place between the months of June and August, the AVC staff met with the groups of young Armenians from all over the world and talked to them about the multiple ways they can benefit from the AVC programs.

Such annual meetings provide a good opportunity for AVC to introduce its programs to a larger audience and engage a greater number of students in various educational courses. AVC’s innovative approach to education and the vast online learning opportunities are an excellent way of reaching out to young people, who use the Internet as a primary means of communication.

The ongoing partnership between AVC and the Ministry of Diaspora serves the common goal of teaching young people about their Armenian roots and strengthening their ties with their heritage and historic homeland. The Ari Tun projects gives young people a chance to visit Armenia for the first time, and AVC provides them with a unique opportunity to further explore their national identity and develop stronger connection to the country of their heritage.

The importance of this joint effort is enhanced by the fact that many young people in the Diaspora are deprived of the opportunity to attend an Armenian school or study the Armenian language, history or culture. In addition to extensive educational opportunities, AVC helps them connect with their peers in different countries and become part of the worldwide Armenian community.