AVC Students e-Visit Yerevan Winery and Brandy Factory 06/04/2015
On June 4 and 5, AVC students paid a virtual visit to the Yerevan Winery and Brandy Factory to learn about one of the oldest traditions in Armenia, the winemaking. Prepared by the AVC Online Instructors through their personal visit to the Winery, the e-Visit came to add to the series of virtual tours and events that AVC regularly holds for its students. During the virtual tour, AVC Online Instructors familiarized their students with the wine-making culture in Armenia in the ancient times, its development into the Soviet period, and revival in post-Soviet Armenia. The tour featured video material and photographs prepared by the Online Instructors that enhanced the virtual visit with an “insider’s” view. The virtual tours and social events are part of the educational package at AVC with the aim to provide a milieu of live socialization and “on-campus” feeling to learners who are otherwise confined to an online learning environment.