AVC Participates at the Conference Armenian Diaspora of the Russian Federation 10/13/2016
From October 13 to 14, the AVC team participated during the two-day international conference entitled “Armenian Diaspora of the Russian Federation,” organized by Yerevan State University in conjunction with the Chair of Diaspora of the Faculty of History and the Department of Armenian Communities for the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Among the many attending organizations and individuals, AVC was also there to discuss the picture of the current situation in the Armenian Diaspora in Russia, the unique characteristic features of the Russian-Armenians, and the possible solutions for the challenges of national identity preservation. AVC approached the highlighted issues mainly from an educational point of view and presented scientific research results based on the work of AVC students from Russia through the analysis entitled “Armenian Education & Identity Perceptions Among Russian-Armenians: The Case of Armenian Virtual College.” AVC researcher Tigran Yepremyan showcased his analysis, which was made using both qualitative and quantitative data; it covered the sample students’ demographic picture, their motivation for pursuing Armenian education and AVC’s role in supplementing Armenian education for Russian-Armenians. The research concluded that through effective Armenian education and cultural interconnection it is possible to preserve and develop a cultural and linguistic heritage and thus support the identity preservation through an innovative approach to education.