AVC Founder Visits Historic City of Armenopolis, Transylvania 06/10/2015
During a trip to Romania AVC Founder Dr. Yervant Zorian paid a visit to the historic city of Armenopolis (currently Gherla) established by Armenians three centuries ago in Transylvania, Romania. He met with the religious leader of Armenopolis and representatives of the Armenian community at the St. Solomon Armenian Church. The Armenians of Gherla welcomed Dr. Zorian’s visit and were enthusiastic to learn of AVC’s activities. The local Armenian community members pointed out the importance of AVC programs in the context of the decreasing desire to study the Armenian language and history at the traditional one-day schools. They assured Dr. Zorian that the Armenian studies offered with advanced technological solutions could attract the younger people of the community much more effectively than any other traditional educational system. The warm welcome and the open discussions with the Armenians in the historic city of Armenopolis encouraged Yervant Zorian to assess possible collaborative aspects with the community on different platforms, such as introduction of the hybrid (blended) education, the implementation of the AVC Liaison Program, and so on. The opportunities are always limitless when it comes to education!