“It was just the experience I was looking for” 11/07/2022

Growing up in an Armenian household surrounded by a rather active but small Armenian community in Racine, Wisconsin, USA, Nina Fronjian could speak the language but soon found herself with little to no opportunities to further develop her skills in Armenian.


“I always wished I could strengthen my Armenian skills beyond what they were and I wished I could study different subjects in my mother tongue,” she says.


After she found out about the Armenian Virtual College when a friend of hers posted about her online studies of Western Armenian, Nina immediately signed up. “It was just the experience I was looking for.” 


After a while, Nina ended up finishing all the Western Armenian courses that AVC had to offer. Even then, she continued her studies by switching to Armenian Music History courses taught in Western Armenian.


“I’ll just say that if you want to learn Armenian, or maybe you know some Armenian but you want more experience in the language, don’t miss this chance! AVC’s classes offer a unique opportunity to get better at speaking, reading and comprehending while also helping you feel like you are not alone in this endeavor,” adds Nina.


Click here to watch the video in Western Armenian.