“With AVC Courses, I don’t just meet my expectations, but beyond!” - Zeina Azar 01/26/2024

AGBU AVC student Zeina Azar describes herself as someone whose biggest love and passion are for every single thing called “Armenian,” from language to culture, to history and arts.


It should not come as a surprise then, that she got very excited when she first found out about the AGBU AVC and its offerings.


“One day, when I was doing some online research, I was very lucky to learn about AVC. So, I had this curiosity to visit the website and get to know more about this outstanding learning institution. You cannot imagine my joy, when I was first admitted into the language department. And so, my journey with AVC has began,” Zeina recalls.


Watch the video to learn more about Zeina Azar’s experience at AGBU AVC and how her love for anything Armenian brought her and her husband to Armenia.