A remarkable journey with AVC's Armenian history course 08/01/2022

Julio Vergara Salgado, an AVC student from Del Valle High school, Texas, USA has just completed the AVC Armenian history course and was awarded with a diploma. 

“History is my passion, and it’s always nice and very beautiful to learn the culture of other countries. I am very pleased to have learned about Armenian culture and the nation.”

Just after Julio’s professor presented the course, the young student  became very interested in the history of Armenia. 
“I admire Armenian people for their heroic efforts to achieve their goals for independence, which I believe, is very important for every country,“ says Julio․

“There are people with disabilities, including myself, who, speaking on my behalf, like taking courses online as we do not often do good in person learning,” he continues. “It is great to have an opportunity to take the courses virtual, since I have more time to go at it at my own pace. I just love the setup of the course itself, and I totally recommend it to other people like friends, and everyone else, who would like to learn at their own pace. Anything can be achieved through virtual setups, and with the wonderful professors like Ani, who has always been there checking if we need assistance, I really enjoy learning process.”

“Julio was very interested in Armenian history and was following all the levels from ancient up to modern times with great enthusiasm”, - says Ani Dekirmenchyan, AVC online instructor.

Del Valle High School (Texas, USA) adopted AVC’s history course in 2021 through the hybrid education program, as a foundation for understanding the origins of the Armenian Genocide and other crimes against humanity and their global impact. Six students already completed the full course and received AVC Diplomas.