“I always recommend the AGBU AVC courses to everybody in our community” - Nick Bagdassar 09/06/2023

AGBU AVC student Nick Bagdassar from Frankfurt, Germany, talks about his Armenian roots, his visits to the Motherland, and the journey of improving his Armenian language skills with the AGBU AVC online courses.

Nick’s father was born in Artsakh, in a small village called Melikashen. Nick, however, has never been to the village. He visited Armenia three times during the seventies and eighties. He has been to Yerevan, Tsaghkadzor, Sevan and Dilijan.

Despite knowing basic Armenian and practicing it frequently with members of Armenian communities in Frankfurt, Nick found it difficult to understand natives. That’s why he decided to enroll in the AGBU AVC online courses and improve his language skills.
“Before I started the language courses with AGBU AVC, I didn’t have any expectations, but I am very satisfied with the curriculum and the content of the online lessons,” Nick says. Starting from the Pre-Intermediate level, two years later, Nick reached the Superior level of the Eastern Armenian course and even received a diploma in Armenian Language from AGBU AVC recently.
Eager to learn, he enjoyed the AGBU AVC courses so much that he asks for additional materials and mentions that he would want the lessons to be longer.
“I always recommend the AGBU AVC courses to everybody in our Armenian Cultural Society in Frankfurt, and some people are already signed up. I am pretty sure that the AGBU AVC program is effective, but more importantly, it is very interesting.”
Besides the Armenian Language courses, Nick has also become an active chess learner at AGBU AVC, and he plans to continue his studies and further strengthen his skills and knowledge in the fields of Armenian subjects with AGBU AVC.