Armenian language and history as a new research topic for the young professional 03/22/2022

Ricardo Torres, a young professional and researcher from Rosario, Argentina with no Armenian roots, is studying Armenian studies and has a far-reaching vision in the field. 

“I am of Spanish and Italian descent, yes, but I was very interested in Armenian, so my Ph.D. supervisor recommended me AVC courses.”


Ricardo, holding a Ph.D. in International Relations, now studies economics at the National University of Rosario, Argentina (UNR), and intends to do a masters in Armenian language and history.


“I am learning Western and Eastern Armenian, of course, with instructors and courses of AVC. I also take the hybrid course that AVC has organized with the UNR, I am also taking a history course. I am learning the language also because my doctor was in Artsakh on the 1st war in 1988, then in 2016, and now I am writing a book based on his stories on what has happened since then, particularly since the last war in 2020, I definitely would like to master Western and Eastern Armenian as much as possible and deepen my knowledge on the Armenian history.”


“Ricardo Torres is a highly encouraged and strongly motivated participant of Western Armenian courses in AVC. Being a professor at Rosario University, he began to study Armenian along with a group of students from the University. The long-term collaboration between AVC and Rosario University comes to prove once more the efficiency of hybrid education. Ricardo is studying in the pre-Intermediate level of Western Armenian and is successfully overcoming any kind of barriers and language difficulties”, - says Gohar Gevorgyan, an AVC online instructor.


Despite his struggles with pronouncing complicated Armenian words, he never gives up, actively participates in every social event, and the language practice meetings that AVC organizes.


“His perseverance, ability to work hard and immense interest in the language and Armenian culture help him to succeed,” added Gohar Gevorgyan.


“I would be delighted to recommend AVC courses, as they are very professional and well-organized, and it’s a very good way to learn Armenian online,” concluded Ricardo.


The National University of Rosario, Argentina (UNR) was the first university in Latin America to incorporate AVC’s courses into its curriculum since 2021. In addition to the language lessons, students can learn about Armenia, its history and culture through AVC’s e-books, social events and other educational opportunities offered by AVC.