Students From Yerevan and Gyumri Master the Basics of Artificial Intelligence with AVC 12/29/2022

A group of 10-12 graders from Yerevan school N65 named after Leo embarked on an exciting journey of learning artificial intelligence (AI) in December 2022 with AVC's online AI course. The course offers a hybrid mode, and combines the benefits of both online and in-class learning, providing students with flexibility and convenience.


Although the courses are online, this time, the online teacher Mher Yerznkanyan had the opportunity to be in the classroom, providing students with additional support and guidance alongside their class teacher, Meri Simonyan. They had a chance to answer students' questions and help them with various tasks, providing a collaborative and engaging learning experience.


As AGBU AVC Founding President Dr. Yervant Zorian put it, "Today, it is crucial not only to be an AI user but also a creator, for which education is required. Our mission is to start from a very young, high-school age.”


The AI course aims to equip students with essential knowledge and skills to understand the fundamental concepts of AI and its real-world applications. It provides students with an opportunity to pursue further studies in the field of AI, preparing them for future job opportunities.


The hybrid mode, combined with the expertise of teachers and the support of various organizations, provides students with a unique and enriched learning experience.


The online AI course is a joint effort by several organizations, including AGBU Silicon Valley, Armenian "Union of Information and Communication Technologies Employers'' (UEICT), Synopsys Foundation, Synopsys Armenia (Educational Department), and AGBU AVC. It's designed for high schools in Armenia and Artsakh, and presently, a group of 40 students in Gyumri is also taking the course via the AVC online learning platform. Previously, a Graduation Ceremony for high school students from Artsakh was held on October 31,  2022, during which the participants were granted certificates for successfully completing the first level of the course.