Southern Federal University Becomes the 40th Institution to Collaborate with AVC 03/02/2021

AGBU Armenian Virtual College establishes collaboration with the Southern Federal University in continuation of partnership with schools and Armenian communities in Russia. The Armenian Studies Center recently inaugurated at the University, will become the 40th educational institution to utilize the AVC hybrid education program.

The center was established in close partnership with the Nakhichevan-on-Don Armenian community as a hub for Armenian Studies in the region. On February 18, at the opening ceremony at the Institute for Sociology and Regional Studies of the SFedU, Dr. Zorian, AVC Founding President, said in his video message, “As of now, 17,500 students from 112 countries and 39 educational centers and communities around the world have joined our educational program in the field of Armenian studies. Today, we are pleased to start working with the 40th institution, which is SFedU. I hope our collaboration will prove to be long-term and successful.”

Within the curriculum offered by AVC’s MS program in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication, the SFedU students will have the opportunity to explore the linguistic, historical and cultural aspects of the Armenian nation from ancient times until present.

In 2011, the AVC Lab was established in Rostov-on-Don thanks to the continuous efforts and collaboration between AVC and the Nakhichevan-on-Don Armenian community. Since then, a growing number of learners of different ages have benefited from AVC’s courses. Presently, 2 groups of students are enrolled in the AVC Armenian language course, taught in Russian. The different levels of the language course are taught by 2 instructors from Rostov-on-Don who, in turn, have successfully completed the AVC instructor certification program. The innovative, multimedia online resources of AVC have once more proved to be an efficient source for preserving and promoting Armenian culture in the diaspora, especially during such challenging times.