Armenian School in Madrid Launches Hybrid Education 10/25/2018

The Mesrop Mashtots Sunday school in Madrid commenced a hybrid program with the AGBU Armenian Virtual College (AVC) this fall. Teachers Anna and Diana Hambardzumyan learned about the opportunities that AVC offers to Armenian schools worldwide while attending the “Diaspora” Summer School in Yerevan. Last year, they took a teachers’ training course and were certified as AVC on-site experts.

In September 2018, the school announced the beginning of a collaboration with AVC. Presently, about 50 young students participate in regular classes in Eastern Armenian with the AVC online course taught in Spanish.

In addition to the language course, the school benefits from other AVC activities. During a social event dedicated to Yerevan’s 2800th anniversary, students learned about the city’s ancient and modern history, took a virtual walk through the streets and visited its museums. AVC hybrid program coordinator Arpine Tavakalyan facilitated the event.

With great enthusiasm, the school participated in another project dedicated to Yerevan’s anniversary – a video of AVC students singing together “Erebuni - Yerevan.” A group of children in front of the Royal Palace in Madrid, waving red, blue and orange balloons while singing the anthem of Yerevan, became one of the most memorable moments of the video.