Artsakh State Minister Meets with AGBU AVC To Establish Virtual Education 11/05/2021

The State Minister of Artsakh, Artak Beglaryan, and his principal Advisor David Akopyan met with AGBU AVC Founding President, Dr. Yervant Zorian, and several other representatives of the AGBU Armenian Virtual College in Silicon Valley, on Nov. 1, 2021. The meeting, held at the St Andrew Armenian church hall in Cupertino, was dedicated to exchange views on the present and, more importantly, the future of education in Artsakh, and explore the possibilities of virtual education provided by the AGBU Armenian Virtual College, particularly to promote technological development and economic growth in Artsakh. 

The teams discussed the wide-range potential for collaboration in utilizing AVC's programs systematically and touched upon plans to incorporate online courses offered through AVC e-learning platform into the curricula of schools and universities in Artsakh, to make innovative learning accessible to students and lifelong learners there.

One of the first educational programs to be introduced in Artsakh is the "Artificial Intelligence"  course aimed at promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education in high schools. The course was initiated by the AGBU Silicon Valley and developed by the Union of Information and Communication Technology Employers and Synopsys Armenia, with the support of experts from leading IT companies in Silicon Valley.

The multimedia lessons enriched with modern e-learning solutions will be available via AVC’s e-learning platform. Initially, the course will be introduced in two high schools in Artsakh. AVC will organize and support the e-learning process through its hybrid education program.